Adventures of an Amateur Board Game Developer - v0.2.0

As an avid programmer and board game player, I heartily enjoy Robo-Rally. However, I don’t think it is complicated enough. So this series of blog-posts will chronicle my attempts to add Lightbot inspired elements to Robo-Rally. The last post can be found here. The Github repository for v0.2.0 can be viewed here.

Second playtest at SCHS today in a 4 person game.

The rules were the same as before, with the one addition that after finishing your command, you could choose to “suspend” your robot for the rest of the turn (it can’t affect or be affected by anything) in order to solve the uncontrollable conveyor belt issue from last time. One player remarked that this solution felt unthematic. I agree, but I also don’t have a better idea.

The cards available to purchase were:

No major issues this time. Some minor things to consider:

Some possibilities: