Adventures of an Amateur Board Game Developer - v0.3.0

As an avid programmer and board game player, I heartily enjoy Robo-Rally. However, I don’t think it is complicated enough. So this series of blog-posts will chronicle my attempts to add Lightbot inspired elements to Robo-Rally. The last post can be found here. The Github repository for v0.3.0 can be viewed here.

Third playtest at SCHS today in a 4 person game.

I introduced two rule changes. First of all, option cards can now be purchased for 2 C.U. each. Secondly, the rules for wrenches and double wrenches have changed. They now activate every 5 phases and at the end of every turn, unless the last turn is on a phase multiple of 5. They provide 1 or 2 temporary C.U. respectively. Temporary C.U. can be immediately allocated to a later part of the turn (such as repair or purchasing options) or they can be saved for a later round. This gives people a reason to land on wrenches. It also provides a catchup mechanic if people squat on them while others take long turns.

The cards available stayed basically the same. I changed Fire to have a priority of 1000 so that when it was Combined with something else, it would activate at the priority of the other thing, preventing a conflict. I also changed Combine not to take up a program-card slot so that I could classify all cards as Program or Control and only Program cards take up slots. I also redid the player mat, although its functionality didn’t change.

The game played very well. I tried not drawing any cards first turn, instead only improving my robot, and it didn’t give me a massive advantage, which is encouraging. The option cards seemed a little cheap, but it is consistant in terms of C.U. generated by double wrench squares. The If statement has barely been used, which makes me wonder if it should be included at all.

For next time I would like to try to add interactive cards such as Turn Towards (element). Also, for a while now I’ve wanted to add some sort of resource-engine to the game, and I think I’ve finally started to figure out how to do that. I will make cards in a similar format to “+1 Temporary C.U. for every 2 Back-Ups executed.”