A Waste of Pixels

Random artish stuff I’ve made. Can be viewed at


A clone of the classic arcade game written in Ruby-Processing. It is functional, but not portable. Code at

Physics Simulations

I have written a handful of physics simulations using Processing. They can be viewed at and the code is hosted on Github.

EDWARD the Robot

This is a robot that I built in eighth grade. With a lot of help. It took me close to a year to build, not counting the time I took learning to program and designing in my head. EDWARD (Electronically Driven Wireless Autonomous Roving Droid) maps the maze he is in and navigates through. See more information about EDWARD here.

BEN the Robot

This is a robot I am beginning to design. It's purpose will be similar to EDWARD's, except more refined. Hopefully he will be able to map his environment into 1"x1" squares and be able to move small objects around the maze. I will also be working to create a web interface to view his webcam as well as allow me to control him. He will be built around a Raspberry Pi and several Arduinos. You can learn more about him here.