Compile Wireless Driver for PCE-N53

The PCE-N53 wireless card from Asus can be used on Linux, but it takes a few steps. After struggling through this process, I decided to write them down. In order to install the driver, you will need internet access on the machine where you are installing the driver. This tutorial is written for Ubuntu, but it should work on other distributions.

  1. Download the driver from Asus's website. Inside the archive is a second archive. Extract that interior folder into a temporary location.
  2. Determine your kernel version by running the command uname -r.
  3. Slog through this forum thread to find the patch for the kernel version closest to yours, and download it next to the driver directory.
  4. Run sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic build-essential. The former should already be installed, and the latter may be, if you have compiled other software on the machine.
  5. cd into the driver folder.
  6. Install the patch using the mouthful patch -p1 < ../rt5592sta_fix_64bit_x.x.patch. If you are copy-and-pasting, make sure to use the correct file name.
  7. Compile the driver by typing sudo make
  8. Install the driver with sudo make install
  9. Add the driver to the kernel with the command sudo modprobe rt5592sta

Whew! All done!